Provider Fount Solution
     Provider Fount replaces alcohol in fountain solutions
  Safer to use, no V.O.C's and eliminates the fire risk in the press room with less fumes.
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Features Advantages Benefits
Non flammable   Safe to store and handle
  Meets health and safety regulations
  Improves room conditions
Water Based.   Non hazardous.
  Optimises working conditions.
  Cleaner and safer.
pH of fount conforms to Fogra specification of 5.0 -9.0.   Non corrosive.
  Ensures prolonged machine life.
  Healthier press room conditions.
  No restriction on storage.
This formulation is designed to replace alcohol on continuous stationary and sheet fed presses. All health and fire risks are eliminated. The fountain solution runs at a similar surface tension to the conventional alcohol + Fount mix.

Directions for use
Add between 2.5 - 4 % to the fountain water. The conductivity will be between 900 -2850 ms depending on the dilution Readings may vary with water supply. If in doubt stabalise using Rofixer. Reduce water settings by 10% below regular settings for fount + alcohol mix. When running unbaked positive plates it is preferable to run at a lower percentage. The tanks must be cleaned out weekly. These measures will ensure a longer plate life. If using CTP plates, baked positive,or negative plates the run life will not be reduced.

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