Environment Friendly Rollerwash
     Böttcher Approved – Guaranteed quality. Economical blanket and roller wash.
  This is a general purpose cleaner with a medium drying time. Environment Friendly Rollerwash – Does not attack rollers.
     This product conforms to FOGRA standards re low aromatic percentage etc.
  Environment Friendly Rollerwash is extremely safe to use, having a high flash point and excellent health ratings.
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Features Advantages Benefits
New safe solvents specially developed and approved by the Caxton group.   Reduced web breaks.
  Can be used on most automatic systems.
  Environmentally friendly.
  Increased production.
  Cost effective.
Especially recommended for cleaning rollers on press but can be used for Blankets and quick easy cleaning around the press. Not water miscible.

Directions for use
Apply liberally to rollers or blankets and wipe dry.

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