New Safe solvent specially developed by B.M.Management, and approved by Brissett Rollers in Australia. Cleans all inks including U.V.
  Biowash conforms to latest regulations in regards to flammable and health requirements.Economical and Multifunctional it is much safer in use!
     This product conforms to FOGRA standards re low aromatic percentage etc.
  Biowash is extremely safe to use having a high flash point and excellent health ratings.
     Economical in use and safer too!
  Biowash Latest approved flash point, low consumption, excellent cleaning properties. Can be used on both cold set and heat set web presses.
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Features Advantages Benefits
Low volatility hydrocarbon content.Suitable for all heatset presses   Less than 0.1% benzene
  Less than 1% toluene/xylene
  Less than 1% aromatics
  Perfectly safe to use
  No health hazards
  Safer pressroom
A safe solvent for cleaning all inks especially U.V. and suitable for EPDM Rollers. Safer to use (less hazardous to health than conventional washes) and easily stored.

Directions for use
Apply liberally to rollers and blankets using a cloth or wet sponge. Can be left on the rollers or wiped down dry. For sparkling clean results wash off with water.

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