Silicone Spray
     Gives more even coating with one application
  Silicone Spray gives superior protection
     This product dispenses 100% silicone for better lubrication.
  Silicone Spray Gives instant paper release from guillotine blades.
     Can also be used on vinyl/rubber.
  Gives a bright shiny finish when applied to rubber or vinyl.
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Features Advantages Benefits
Easily dispensed from spray can.   Less friction on guillotine.
  Can be applied to vinyl or rubber.
  Paper cut more efficiently.
  Less waste.
  Leaves a long lasting shine.
For use in Binding departments,and to reduce the friction on guillotine blades etc. Can be used wherever lubrication is required. Also excellent for car tyres and upholstery. Take care not to spray directly onto car dashboards because of the danger of overspray obscuring vision on the wind screen. To polish car dashboards spray onto a clean dry cloth and wipe over the area to be cleaned.

Directions for use
Preferably shake before use. Simply spray onto the surface to be treated. If a high gloss finish is required wipe down with a dry cloth.

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