Ezi - Start
Excellent for reducing web breaks on restarting the press.
Fount Drying Stimulator
Helps ink to dry quicker on thick matt papers.
Fount Pipe Cleaner
Used when press is down for maintenance only.
GPA Cleaner
Water based, slightly alkaline, general purpose cleaner and degreaser.
Hand Cleaner
Specially formulated for Printers
Isopropylol Alcohol
Locally produced equivalent to imported I.P.A.
Pressguard cleans well and gives immediate press corrosion protection.VOC FREE. MANROLAND approved.
Controls the water hardness going to your presses.
Top E.U. Quality Spray Powders
We supply the highest quality Coated spray powders from a leading E.U. manufacturer
Web Anti-Static solvent
Reduces static on web kite,rollers and folder on web offset presses.

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