Finishers (Plate Care Products)
CTP Bath Cleaner
Processor friendly cleaning properties. A water miscible solution ideally suitable for all components in developer section. No roller swelling or component attack. Can be diluted with water or used neat. Applied by cloth or used directly in developer section. Excess residue can be rinsed away with water. Maintains circulation – gives consistent temperature and processing results. Reduces time and effort that is needed to clean the processor. No risk of contamination. Completely cleans circulation system/ pipework.
CTP Thermal Gum
Especially developed for gumming up Thermal CTP plates prior to baking. can be used on conventional Positive plates also.
A water miscible emulsion to clean and protect the plate.A must for all plates and presses !
Non Blind Gum
A perfectly preserved gum to replace Gum Arabic for safe plate protection.
Plate Cure
An orange emulsion to desensitise the plate background.
Plate Finisher Gum
Conforms to Machine Specifications Plate finisher is ready for use and environmentally friendly
Professional Plate Cleaner
A pale pink perfectly stable emulsion made with environmentally friendly ingredients.
Scratch Doctor
An alkaline plate cleaner to remove background scratches.
UniVersal plus plate cleaner.
A pink plate cleaner that can be used for conventional and U.V.inks.

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