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"Maximise your Profits by reducing your Ink usage by a Minimum of 10% and Water by up to 25% with 2 in 1 Solution"


In 1997 B.M. Management took the printing world by storm when it released the Patented 2 in 1 Fountain Solution and It is now FOGRA certified.

Over the years, many of our customers have received the benefit of this revolutionary product, which still proves itself in terms of: 
Ease of use
  2 in 1 is ready-mixed, which eliminates the need for a fountain doser. This reduces operator error in mixing chemicals
2 in 1 helps create a HUGE saving by allowing you to save a Minimum of 10% on Ink and Water by up to 25% with this product.
  Less exposure to VOC than using IPA, lower concentrations of Alcohol in the air and less alcohol storage means a safer and healthier environment.
Quality of print

Colour balance when changing print jobs is much quicker thereby reducing waste sheets. There is also significantly increased dot sharpening and enhanced scuff resistance.

2 In 1 FOGRA Certificate we received From
Fogra ForschungsgesellschafDt ruck e.V,

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