"2 in 1 Fountain Solution"

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Environment Friendly Rollerwash
Böttcher Approved – Guaranteed quality. Economical blanket and roller wash – This is a general purpose cleaner with a medium drying time. Environment Friendly – Does not attack rollers. Not suitable for UV Inks
The latest generation safe cleaner for all inks including U.V inks. Safe for EPDM Rollers.
Provider Fount Solution
Provider fountain solution is formulated to replace alcohol in the press room. This fountain solution gives exceptional value in a variety of pressroom conditions. This product is especially suited to alcohol damping presses – Provider fountain solution is recommended for the reduction / or elimination of alcohol and gives stricter pH control on alcohol damping presses

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See the Benefits - Environmental Savings with 2 in 1 Fountain Solution    
After 17 years we are still seeing vast Environmental Benefits with 2in1 Fountain Solution, paper savings and less landfill, reduced ink and dampening levels and cleaner tanks mean less waste management required.

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